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The Exchange, the annual publication of the New England Faculty Development Consortium, is designed to provide a forum for members to publish work and exchange ideas related to our shared endeavor of enhancing faculty development and teaching effectiveness. We are particularly happy to receive articles about practical ideas and innovative programs related to teaching and faculty development. We will also publish reviews of books, films and software, notices of local or state-based faculty or teaching development opportunities, and updates on campus-based initiatives or ideas that may prove useful to members. Subscriptions are free to members of the NEFDC.

The NEFDC seeks submissions for the Fall 2017 issue of The Exchange. We are especially interested in articles related to the themes of the 2016 conferences: “Service Learning and Civic Engagement” (Nov. 18, 2016). Submissions related to past conferences will be considered for a section of The Exchange called “Continuing the Conversation.”.”

Submissions are due August 15, 2017 to the Editor, Lori Rosenthal, and will be blind reviewed by NEFDC board members.

All submissions should adhere to the specific guidelines for submission of articles:
Guidelines for submission to The Exchange (PDF)

The Exchange Editor:
Lori Rosenthal, PhD.
PH: 617-243-2074

To download the Exchange, in Adobe PDF format, please select an issue below:

Fall 2017 Newsletter (click to download)

Page 1, President's Message
Page 3, When Success Feels Undeserved and Acceptance Isn't Enough to Feel Like You Belong
Page 7, Teaching Researched Argument Through Community Engagement
Page 9, Achieving Scholarship Goals with Interdisciplinary Case Studies
Page 13, Including Women, Gender and Sexulaity Studies into Teaching in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Page 16, How Androgogy Helps Undergraduate Students Become Lifelong Learners
Page 20 The Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence, Suffolk UNiversity, Boston
Page 23, NEFDC Board Members 2017-18


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