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The Exchange

The Exchange

The Exchange, the biannual publication of the New England Faculty Development Consortium, is designed to provide a forum for members to publish work and exchange ideas related to our shared endeavor of enhancing faculty development and teaching effectiveness. We are particularly happy to receive articles about practical ideas and innovative programs related to teaching and faculty development. We will also publish reviews of books, films and software, notices of local or state-based faculty or teaching development opportunities, and updates on campus-based initiatives or ideas that may prove useful to members. Subscriptions are free to members of the NEFDC.

Current Issue

Summer/Fall 2020 Exchange (click to open and download)

  • President’s Message
  • Bridging Media: Shared Referents to Connect the Unfamiliar to the Familiar
  • Using Flash Activities to Stimulate Positive Student Engagement and Promote Critical Thinking Skills
  • Implementing a Mid-Semester Assessment Process (Map) in Your Course: Using Reflection to Help Reduce Faculty and Student Anxiety
  • NEFDC Board Members 2019-20

Special Issue

Special Issue Education in the Age of Anxiety (click to open and download)

  • Notes from Guest Editor
  • Rescuing the Canary in the Coal Mine: Addressing Mental Health on College Campuses
  • Five (not ten) teaching practices inclusive of students with anxiety
  • Resilience through discomfort: reframing anxiety and helpful strategies for the mathematics classroom
  • Learning and wellbeing: a collaborative approach to course design
  • Simulations offer transformational learning and anxiety reduction
  • NEFDC Board Members 2019-2020

The Exchange – Request for Proposals

Spring 2021

The Exchange is an NEFDC publication that provides a forum for members to share their work and exchange ideas related to enhancing faculty development and teaching effectiveness.

Article Submissions for our Spring Issue are Due February 20! If you have an article you would like to publish, please read the guidelines for submission on the NEFDC website. We particularly welcome articles on topics related to our recent or upcoming conference themes:

  • Pedagogical partnerships between students and faculty
  • Creating inclusive and equitable learning communities
  • Constructing students who can save the world
  • Education in the age of anxiety

You can read past issues of The Exchange by clicking on the links above. If you have an article you would like to submit or have questions about the process, please email, to reach Lori Rosenthal, Editor of The Exchange.

The Exchange Editor:
Lori Rosenthal, PhD.
Phone: 617-243-2074